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The difference for me between working in the kitchen and other jobs
.as chef in my last job I used to start at 11.00 but I’d be there for 10.30 not because I had to for the sake of it but because I wanted to. coming in that bit early could be the difference from a smooth prepared calm service to trying to catch up with yourself all night
. This could lead to the kitchen going down because there wasn’t enough prep done. it was that mutual respect from all the chefs to turn up a good 30 minutes before u started. in other jobs that I’ve worked in it would be a case of coming in two minutes before hand which was so weird for me to get used to
.when you’re a chef and you have to finish at say 5 o clock, you’re fully aware that you more than likely wont actually finish at 5. Service mightn’t even slow down until the end of the night and time would just pass you by.
Even if you do have to stay all night you wouldn’t be upset or angry, simply because those people around you are not just workmates.
They’re more like a second family due to the amount of hours you spend together. The difference between being a chef and other professions I’ve worked in is in other jobs you clock out when you’re day is supposed to end without a care in the world, even though there could be a shit load left to do.
In my opinion this is because there is no real passion in other jobs, and definitely not in comparison to the culinary world

picked crab apple

this is something I have made in the restaurant so the volume is quite large but it last a very long time so worth make it in volume for this I use unripe crab apples


wipe your apple with a clean damp cloth and cut off the base just a little bit it helps with the pickling of the apples and it is not the nicest piece to eat


1 litre of cider vinager

600 ml of honey

600 ml water

I cinnamon stick

1 wild bay leaf or store bought one is fine

bring the liquid to the boil and reduce to a simmer

place the apples in and leave for five minutes

remove from the heat and leave for ten minutes

remove the apples and cool both


place the apples in a spotless clean jar and pour the liquid over the place in either the fridge or larder for about a week before use but for up to a year maybe more it doesn’t last in the restaurant


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wild billberries by paul cotter

Wild billberries (fraughans)

These little berries are ingrained in my childhood memories as being little juicy delicious balls of sweetness coming into season in July/ August. They are found to me in marsh land, roadsides and forestry trails. They make beautiful jam and are best served simply with a dollop of cream and a sprinkling of sugar. But enough of the anecdotes.



They found growing in acidic hilly ground throughout ireland. They are best described as a wild blueberry.

They begin to flower mid to late summer. The flower looks like a little red lantern not much bigger than a pea

They are ripe for the picking at the moment varying in size from bush to bush depending on the age of the bush and if you get there before the birds do. Average size again is about the size of a blueberry.

They are ripe for the picking at the moment varying in size from bush to bush depending on the age of the bush and if you get there before the birds do. Average size again is about the size of a blueberry.

They are ripe for the picking at the moment varying in size from bush to bush depending on the age of the bush and if you get there before the birds do. Average size again is about the size of a blueberry.



What can I do with these

There are a variety of recipes out there for billberries from jams to fools even a bilberry gin

Jam recipe

750 g bilberries

750g sugatr

* Wash and dry all the berries ensuring to remove any stalks

* Place into a wide based pot on a medium to low heat

* Allow water to start to evaporate

* Add sugar and allow to dissolve and come to the boil

* Allow to simmer for 15 mins

* Allow to cool

* Pour into clean dry jars cover when cold.

Enjoy with toast or some homemade brown bread


Coming next are blackberries and the berry from the hawthorn (sloe) and of course elderberries watch this space for more information and pictures. Also Twitter and Instagram @chefpaulc

gangsters profile

Keith moroney

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Name: Keith moroney
Nickname : the kid
Position : commi
Place of work: the mill cookhouse
I started last year in June. After looking for a passion to pursue and finding that it was food. The best highlight I have as a commi was getting a small dish on the menu of the restraunt I worked in called the lazy lamb.
One of the best things I find about food is its cultural. Every culture has there own cuisine. Most of which are still widely unknown



kevin life as a manager

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There is a big difference you know between front of house and cheffing. When I go home and rest my head I like to feel like I’ve done a good job. When I enter the kitchen as a chef wearing my whites I do it for the food, I love the food. I respect that I respect the environment and I love it. It doesn’t matter how much time it takes just a matter how much effort I have put in I always get the food out. When I’m front of house I love the hotel I love the business I love the learning and I love the passion. From the moment cross the front door to the moment exit the front door I love what I do. Which is the same as when I’m in the kitchen. We pass on our stuff too, to educate the next generation. To fill their minds with knowledge

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. In the kitchens it’s about love and respect for the food, for front of house it’s for the smiles, the gratitude, the humility. Someone comes to your house for dinner, then it’s time to show off what I got and who I am. Over time I become the foundation, customers know me by name, I know them by name. You know what they like. I read people, my intuition starts to fly. I then become almost invisible but also seen when needed. If there’s a problem then I am the solution, if there’s a complaint then I am the apology. But it’s only ever real if meant. You must believe in what your doing in order to succeed and you have to be happy too. Boil it all down and you’ll find its survival and passion. Two basic things you need but without them you’ll struggle

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james on salmon part 2

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Salmon follow on blog
so I’ll start be just a quick brief on more detailed stages of the growth of a salmon
Stage 1 ova. The rate of egg or “ova” development is dependent on water temperature
Stage 2 alevins. When their sac is absorbed the alevins become increasingly active and begin their journey up through the gravel of the riverbed. When strong enough the small fish must rise to the surface of the water for air. they fill their swim bladder to making it easier to swim and hold their position in fast flowing stream
Stage 3 fry The fry have eight fins, which are used to maintain their position in fast flowing streams and manoeuvre about in the water during the Summer months
Stage 4 parr Over the Autumn the fry develop into parr with vertical stripes and spots for camouflage they all start to change to the sliver colour and start to adopted to sea water.
Stage 5 smolts In Spring, large numbers of smolts leave Irish rivers to migrate along the North Atlantic
Stage 6 adult salmon Salmon that reach maturity after one year at sea  and full growth at about 2 year mark they return home to the river from the north altantic by the use of smell.
Id like to give a quick and easy recipe for a salmon dish
Salmon fillets marinated in Irish whiskey and honey
Ingredients 2 tablespoons honey
cider Irish whiskey
teaspoons chopped fresh thyme
teaspoons grated lemon zest
2tablespoons vegetable oil
salt & freshly ground black pepper
Mix together honey, vinegar, whiskey, thyme, lemon zest, oil, salt and pepper. Pour over salmon and marinate for 4 hours refrigerated.
Preheat oven to 220 .Remove salmon from marinade and place on a a roasting pan. Bake for 10 minutes, basting once with the marinade or until golden and white juices are just beginning to appear.
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#cupcakehour baking tips


Eggs do not need to be kept in the fridge


once cracked, left over egg must be chilled in the fridge


Egg whites should be covered and chilled, or can be frozen


Always use chilled cracked egg within 2 days to prevent food poisoning.


For best results when baking use eggs at room temperature


Egg whites should always be at room temperature before whipping


Be certain there is no yolk in the whites and that the bowl and beaters are perfectly clean


The older the egg the flatter the egg yolk and the thinner the egg white


To test the freshness of an egg in it’s shell, float it in water. If it floats on it’s side it is very fresh

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#cupcakehour baking tips


tips on white chocolate

Officially white chocolate cannot be called “chocolate” because it does not contain chocolate liquor


Good white chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids, vanilla, and lecithin


Make sure when buying white chocolate that it contains cocoa butter as some inferior brands contain vegetable fat


White chocolate is ivory-colored (white chocolate made with vegetable fat is white-colored) and is rich and creamy


Its sweet and subtle flavor complements other ingredients in baking


A delicate chocolate that scorches easily, so always melt over very low heat


It sets up softer than dark chocolate because it does not contain chocolate liquor


White chocolate will keep 6-10 months if stored in a cool dry place.


There are many good brands of chocolate on the market today, both domestic and foreign