Chef shortage

I watched year after year at this time the same thing starts, looking for chefs , same places same problem every year, now I’m banging around for quite a bit so here is my cents worth . For what it’s worth

Ok my kitchen (4) chefs have all been trained by me from start as in I brought them in to the kitchen for the first time ,from the sous down
So why not train your own I have 2 commis starting collage courses both courses 2 years ( different courses), problem solved in staffing,for the next 2 years,I have 2 young chefs getting better all the time as the restaurant grows

Lots of chefs complain about the pay well I have had chefs work for me looking for a pay rise and they are not worth it , the good chefs are paid well if you are not been paid right leave period move to another places that will pay you for your hours

1. hire better maybe your kp wants to step up or a waiter wants to step in, create the environment you want
2. a training environment from when they start through collage and on (commi for 2 plus years trained)
3 create a pay system for the young chefs as they get better
4 sponsor their course
5.give late starts early finishes to our crew.

I’ll send them home early and do the floors and bins myself ,
Leaders lead , bosses boss,
be the change you want to see,
My 2 cents worth

Killarney brewery visit by Kevin

So today I had the privilege of visiting the Killarney brewery. Where they brew their outstanding range of beers. From stout to larger, blond Ale to red Ale. We received a visit from one of the brewers last week for dinner and he and his partner were delighted to see their beers on our menu. It was such a treat to meet one of the masterminds behind the operation and even though he isn’t the master brewer, he knows his stuff (Thanks John). Seeing the passion and belief in their product can do nothing but inspire. Seeing them use local ingredients in their beers again adding to the ethos we use in our CroĆ­ which bolsters my belief.