Annascaul pudding Kevin’s visit


I remember when I was growing up I used to play treasure hunt with my brother Brian. We used to have so much fun planning on where we would hide the treasure and the delight I would feel inside when we found it. Today as a forty year old I again, found a beautiful treasure. This treasure can, should and is an inspiration to those that genuinely call themselves Irish.

I arrived at the shop at around 11 am all ready to do a bit of a T.C.G. video and on my way out I was planning it in my head. When I arrive and had only spoken a few words to Thomas and Eileen Ashe I realised I was underprepared and overwhelmed by passion, history and belief. Thomas Ashe is a hard working hell bent on doing the right thing by his people type person and you all know the other saying, behind every good man is an even better woman, Eileen Ashe is what we the people should call “it”.

Thomas brought me on a tour of the production area and the operation is spotless, you can see that the respect these people have for what they do is impressive, and we the people need to support a national 102 year old treasure.

Eileen brought me up to the shop, which used to be the old house where Thomas grew up. I got a fantastic run down of their lives and where they met and could see first hand the love and respect they have for each other and their local community. Eileen is so, so helpful, thoughtful and in her own community she has huge helpful impact, that makes the lives of others easier, this is what it means to be Irish. In their own shop in Anascaul they buy lots and lots of locally produced food from gifted artisan producers and they do this with a massive emphasis on support local.

Eileen and I spoke a little bit more on much heavier topics after that about the way the earth is and the rain forrest etc. and it was lovely to listen to someone so like minded and passionate for the need for change that it opened my mind again to hope and belief. To hear someone else so aware of the issues the planet faces was great. Leaves me feeling hopeful that something can happen with awareness. People can be informed as to what’s happening and the don’t have to be blinded by a perpetual smoke screen.

I know there’s been a bit of a ramble in everything that I’ve just said but I hope you find the message to be a clear one. This could be perceived as off topic but I can assure you the message is the same. I asked a really good friend of mine yesterday who is going through Ramadan at the moment can he explain to me what it actually is and what came after that I did not expect. He said “Ramadan is so that wealthy people can experience what it’s like to be poor, what it’s like to go without, what it is like to starve. I do believe the answer to the world’s problems are already here, we just need to pick quality over quantity and Ramadan could teach some of the wealthy people on this floating rock a lesson or 2. All in all the best way to describe the feeling I had leaving the Ashe’s company was that of hope, pride and belief. Feelings that you’d almost struggle to find in the busy day to day life we call today. Thanks for reading folks and for this one I’ll ask you to share, spread the treasure around and let’s get people talking and actioning the way things should be. Massive grĂ¡ to Thomas and Eileen and thank you for inspiring me to write this piece.