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Name: David Culleton
Nickname : Dave / Dáithi
Position : commi
Place of work: Croi
I started in a culinary arts course 8 weeks ago, firstly to get the social welfare off of my back.
But after been in the kitchen few a weeks in college and in croi one day a week, the love and passion, not just for cooking but food in general has grown, as student I find myself wanting to learn more, but also as a father of two children I find I am trying to pass on what I know to my eldest children, as much as this is about food and cooking I find that these skills as very good life skills to have at any age


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Nourish by Nature is Kerry’s first combined Cookery School and Complementary Therapy Centre. Run by Sid and Angela Sheehan, it offers a unique experience for the healthy eating enthusiast. Sid is a Chef for many years and also a qualified Nutritional Therapist while his wife Angela is a Reflexologist and Hawaiian Massage Therapist. Both Sid and Angela passionately believe there is a direct link between what you eat and your mental and physical well-being. They are committed to inspiring people, to take responsibility for their own health, by sharing with them their knowledge and experience.

There are a range of demonstration classes from Home Baking to one Pot Dishes, Basic Cookery to Fresh from the Sea. Some of their more dietary specific classes include Healing with Wholefoods, Cancer Fighting Foods, Hormone Balancing through Diet, Gluten & Dairy Free and many more. Their diverse range of evening classes has something to suit everybody’s needs. Another popular service they offer is a themed dining experience where individuals bring their own wine/beer. The school caters for small groups of up to ten people hence making each class very personal and relaxed.


More information can be found on


Email nourishbynaturelistowel@gmail.com

Phone: 087 3848818


Nourish by Nature Listowel


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Keith moroney

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Name: Keith moroney
Nickname : the kid
Position : commi
Place of work: the mill cookhouse
I started last year in June. After looking for a passion to pursue and finding that it was food. The best highlight I have as a commi was getting a small dish on the menu of the restraunt I worked in called the lazy lamb.
One of the best things I find about food is its cultural. Every culture has there own cuisine. Most of which are still widely unknown



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Name: Kevin O Connor
nickname the chief
Employer: The Ashe Hotel
Position: Duty manager
I first met Noel when I moved to Killarney around 2004. Having worked in a few good kitchens learning the trade from a 4 food rosette kitchen the Rockglen in Clifden to the Knockranny in west port
I moved to the Riverside in Killarney. Noel had put together a cracked team of “there’s no way we should be producing this type of food”.
We excelled in making good food. We took pride in what we produced and we were proud of where we worked.
We met scallywags along the journey and made the best of friends. The main thing was the food though. In every place I worked we always respected the food. Now I’ve moved to a different location, out the front. I have other skills that I use, I find that I’m a people’s person and I have the same passion for people as I have for food.

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name       James MCCarthy .

nickname james macdaddy McCarthy



My story so far working in the kitchen started when I attended I.T Tralee. During my 1st year there I got my first job in the industry working in the horseshoe restaurant in listowel. I stayed there for a year until I moved to a restaurant called eabha joans.

I started there during their 1st week of being open. it is here where I can thank ger for really opening my eyes and showing me how to control the pass, how to put a menu together and for creating a circle of what I now call close friends. I spent nearly 2 years there until I eventually left.

A few days after leaving i got a phone call to work in the brogue in Tralee. the head chef there had worked in eabha jones before, one of the close friends I mentioned before. I spent another 2 years working in the brogue. During my last few months at working at the brogue I became a proud dad with all the hours in the kitchen and new born baby at home it was a hard decision but i decided to step away from the kitchen and move back to listowel to work in a deli. less hours means more time with the family. to say I miss the buzz of the kitchen is an understatement

but thankfully I started to do a few hours now working beside noel in eabha joans again where I do Friday and Sunday nights mostly and tbh there the nights I look forward to the most during the week


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NAME .. Gary Quigley

NICKNAME .. Gary G.Q. Quigley

POSITION ..Head Chef

PLACE OF WORK .. The Elm Leaf


WHEN STARTED .. 1995 in the setanta hotel where I worked as a commie chef

WHY.. Its was a fun Environment to work in plus you never go hungry J

HIGHLIGHTS OF CAREER ..Cooking for.. Tina turner,Foo Fighters, Julia Roberts,Bono,Steve Collins,Conor mc Gregor , Shane McGowan

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT FOOD .. I love that you can do and try anything as there are no set rules , you are the scientist of your own creations

FAVOURITE INGREDIENTS  … Has to be Basil I love it in my starters, mains and desserts

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Name: Paul “baby elephant” Cotter
Position: CDP
Place: eabhajoans listowel

I have been working in the kitchen for 4 years now. I suppose it was a chance opportunity for me in the kitchen being offered to go on a trainee management programme and being asked which department I wanted to go to first and saying  kitchen. It was I admit the best decision I have ever made even though I wanted to leave the kitchen after a few bad  services.

The highlight of my career thus far was working in preachers restaurant in doon Co.Limerick. Where the setting was an old converted church the atmosphere was magical. The food was 2nd to none. The flavours and textures unbelievable as well as the team in FOH








What I like about food is how it can bring people together over the table, from celebration dinners to the funeral lunch, whether it’s a happy or sad occasion it’s often the simple food that brings everyone together. The food that has had the biggest imprint is that of my mother and grandmother because as a child it was their food that inspires me to make my food better and push the amount of flavours I can squeeze out of everything I make and do in the kitchen.

My favourite ingredient is tarragon it’s smell it’s taste it’s versatility in fish dishes, meat dishes vegetable dishes and sauces.

Keep the pans hot and the knives sharp

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NOEL “the don” KEANE

founder of the Tralee culinary gangsters, a group of chefs and front of house guys and gals that produce and serve your food, your dining experience , is our career

head chef restaurant Eabha joans listowel

I have been in kitchens for 24 years now, both here in Ireland and abroad working with some great chefs in my time. I kind of stumbled in to the job as I didn’t set out to be a chef but to me it was of the best jobs anybody can have. I mentor and have mentored many young chefs, and enjoy seen them progress in their career.


I have enjoyed many highlights in my career, from the many awards and credits, but for me its about the people, the ones I work beside and those who join us for dinner, I have meet some wonderful people, especially in my time in darcys restaurant because it is my home town.

I enjoy cooking with local food, I don’t think there is anything better than the food we produce here, I also love the wild food that grows here, and often forage for them. whether it is berries , wild garlic, or leek and of course wild mushroom and herbs .