kevin life as a manager

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There is a big difference you know between front of house and cheffing. When I go home and rest my head I like to feel like I’ve done a good job. When I enter the kitchen as a chef wearing my whites I do it for the food, I love the food. I respect that I respect the environment and I love it. It doesn’t matter how much time it takes just a matter how much effort I have put in I always get the food out. When I’m front of house I love the hotel I love the business I love the learning and I love the passion. From the moment cross the front door to the moment exit the front door I love what I do. Which is the same as when I’m in the kitchen. We pass on our stuff too, to educate the next generation. To fill their minds with knowledge

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. In the kitchens it’s about love and respect for the food, for front of house it’s for the smiles, the gratitude, the humility. Someone comes to your house for dinner, then it’s time to show off what I got and who I am. Over time I become the foundation, customers know me by name, I know them by name. You know what they like. I read people, my intuition starts to fly. I then become almost invisible but also seen when needed. If there’s a problem then I am the solution, if there’s a complaint then I am the apology. But it’s only ever real if meant. You must believe in what your doing in order to succeed and you have to be happy too. Boil it all down and you’ll find its survival and passion. Two basic things you need but without them you’ll struggle

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2 thoughts on “kevin life as a manager

    1. first off thank you for checking out the blog. but no it is not approach restaurants or hotels esp. this time of year, also check out your nearest collage as they run front of house courses which are very good. if you do decide to follow up let us know how you get on and you story starting off in this great industry


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