picked crab apple

this is something I have made in the restaurant so the volume is quite large but it last a very long time so worth make it in volume for this I use unripe crab apples


wipe your apple with a clean damp cloth and cut off the base just a little bit it helps with the pickling of the apples and it is not the nicest piece to eat


1 litre of cider vinager

600 ml of honey

600 ml water

I cinnamon stick

1 wild bay leaf or store bought one is fine

bring the liquid to the boil and reduce to a simmer

place the apples in and leave for five minutes

remove from the heat and leave for ten minutes

remove the apples and cool both


place the apples in a spotless clean jar and pour the liquid over the place in either the fridge or larder for about a week before use but for up to a year maybe more it doesn’t last in the restaurant


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