james on industry life


The difference for me between working in the kitchen and other jobs
.as chef in my last job I used to start at 11.00 but I’d be there for 10.30 not because I had to for the sake of it but because I wanted to. coming in that bit early could be the difference from a smooth prepared calm service to trying to catch up with yourself all night
. This could lead to the kitchen going down because there wasn’t enough prep done. it was that mutual respect from all the chefs to turn up a good 30 minutes before u started. in other jobs that I’ve worked in it would be a case of coming in two minutes before hand which was so weird for me to get used to
.when you’re a chef and you have to finish at say 5 o clock, you’re fully aware that you more than likely wont actually finish at 5. Service mightn’t even slow down until the end of the night and time would just pass you by.
Even if you do have to stay all night you wouldn’t be upset or angry, simply because those people around you are not just workmates.
They’re more like a second family due to the amount of hours you spend together. The difference between being a chef and other professions I’ve worked in is in other jobs you clock out when you’re day is supposed to end without a care in the world, even though there could be a shit load left to do.
In my opinion this is because there is no real passion in other jobs, and definitely not in comparison to the culinary world

2 thoughts on “james on industry life

  1. You could come work on The Food Programme. The team all spend more long days ( & nights) together than with our families. Love what we do. Not just a radio programme–a cause, a joy, one of the greatest prides of our lives. Then it’s broadcast into thin air….

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