#cupcakehour baking tips

My top tips for ice cream

1 freeze your bowl for at least 24hrs before churn

2 put your ice cream batter in the fridge for 24hrs before churring

3 only fill hour your 3/4 ways leave room for it to aerate

4 when tempering your eggs add little and often hot milk

5 easy on the alcohol little goes a long way when freezing

6 add extracts when your batter is cold for better effect

7 add flavours like chocolate, nuts for the last minute or two of churring

8 shallow flat containers are best fir freezing in

9 to prevent ice crystals lay cling film on top 10 ice cream (homemade) starts to loose flavour after a week so eat it all

#cupcakehour baking tips

The humble egg 1 brown or white which is better?? There is no difference bar shell colour

2 Eggs should be stored in the carton they come in

3 always store eggs in the back of a fridge

4 eggs yolks should be covered in water to lrevent drying out

5 freeze eggs without shells for upto 3 weeks

6 if freezing only egg yolks whisk in some sugar 1/4 teaspoon 4 yolks

7 egg whites can be frozen for up to a year

8 when folding whipped egg whites a rubber spatula is best

9 let egg white stand for 30 minutes before whisking for maximum volume


When bread baking leave the dough rest for 10 minutes beforehand kneading

When using oats soak for 10 minutes in boiling water

Place a tray of boiling water in the bottom of the oven for a rich crust

Adding orange to loaves helps them rise better

Adding a tablespoon of vinegar to dough helps the crumb stay soft

Replace half the water with yoghurt gives more flavour

Rub oil on your hands before kneading stops it sticking

Any plain flour will do for bread no need for expensive ones

Bake seeds lightly first for a golden nutty taste


baking tricks

Cream should have 30% + fat content for whipping

Cream should be fridge cold before whipping

Place your pipping bag in a jug to fill it Hold a pipping bag in your writing hand

Use a clothes peg to clse your piping bag before refilling

chop butter into even size pieces for easier melting

Always use top quality chocolate for baking

Add 1/2 teaspoon of seasalt to chocolate cake mix for enhanced flavour

Never rush melting chocolate, melt it gently you have to seduce it

all about meringues

1 always use a spotless clean bowl

2 use half a lemon to rub around the bowl then dry off

3 always ensure the bowl and whisk are completely dry

4 add cider vinegar for chewiness

5 add cornstarch for a crispy outer layer

6 add sugar slowly whisking all the time

7 all ingredients should be room temperature especially the eggs

8 line our trays with parchment paper not wax paper

9 use a little meringue to glue the parchment paper down

chocolate tips


Chocolate is best kept between 13 & 15 c

Do not store chocolate in a fridge

Chocolate absorbs strong smells keep away from anything strong smelling Properly wrapped & stored it will last for a year

To tempure chocolate bring it to 43c no higher If dipping fruit in chocolate it must be clean and dry first

If moulding chocolate make sure the mould is at room temperature

If icing a cake with chocolate never chill below 10c Dry all untinles completely water causes chocolate to go lumpy