Coastal foraging , paul


Seaside and seagreens.

Anyone that knows the restaurant or follows the gangsters page on Facebook knows that we forage sea greens and use them in fish and vegatarian dishes in the restaurant, with this comes the chance to experiment with our customers the unique flavour oppertunity presented to us by our shores. Seaweeds are not my strong suit, however I plan to introduce more to my cooking over the coming months. Not for the lack of seaweeds on our shores rather the inability to look past the cultural stereotype associated with them. Most gardeners will tell you seaweeds are great fertilizers, what they won’t tell you is they taste good or are extremely healthy and free if your willing to go to the coast with a tub and a scissors.

In other cultures seaweeds are highly prized and commonplace in certain diets, and these cultures live longer and without many health problems. Now I’m not saying that these cultures are perfectly healthy without any health problems it’s the percentage of the population diagnosed with serious health issues is much less than that in this country or those similar to us.

So in addition to preserving I will be looking at seaweeds for dinner, hoping to start a better live with my future wife, sorry Jen it’s happened we’re doing it.

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