Not so much an info piece more an acecdote. Recently I’ve become a little braver with my foraging, from my childhood I have a healthy respect for nettles knowing enough to steer clear of the sting. Last year I witnessed the most unusual thing to me anyway a guy (Max, of once upon a cheese). Decides to play with them like they were a sponge or a ball, not a care in the world. If you intend to rub them they won’t sting you I’d you rub accidently they sting. Laughing at him I witnessed the afore mentioned scenario. This year as they begin to sprout and grow and gain strength I’ve decided I’m gonna use them I know they are edible and extremely good for you with ample iorn and other nutrients that the modern diet lacks.

These can be eaten raw or cooked, I too was hesitant in eating raw I didn’t get stung, delighted with myself. As much as experimenting is part of my job I also want others to experience it too I’m willing to share hence this piece. I want to assure you that there’s more to so with nettles than just soup. It makes a wonderful tonic tea, holds well as a pesto or as part of a salad once blanched and many more. Now with time time or relative opulence and an age of convenience wild food are being distanced from the general public and are almost seen as a form of destitution to go picking and eating the weeds. Grow your own is gaining in popularity and many people have made a success of growing veg, salad and flowers for use in restaurants.
In the restaurant I ate it raw as did Dave, eating it Ike anything else not to be hesitant, pretty much like handling the nettles. Chew away and no sting play with it in your mouth stung as Dave found out the hard way.

Moral of the story just eat nettles rough and intentional handling and there’s no sting accidental handling sting.

As always @croitralee on all social media platforms and myself direct on twitter and Instagram @chefpaulc

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