Reality of chef life.

by Paul cotter



Part 2

Aside from the stress of being a chef there is the buzz from service and the thrill of satisfaction of sending out great food that binds friend and family alike.

Many of us working in a busy places know that buzz of service when the orders come in and there is a rhythm that comes on where the cooking and the sending of food seems to flow nicely no matter how busy it is. On these rare occasions I feel 10 feet tall my heart beats faster there’s an adrenaline rush from it like no other.

From the service buzz I have also gained job satisfaction (as well as a few pounds) from being in the kitchen knowing that the food that leaves the kitchen is of a high standard and tastes food again the pounds I have gained can attest to this.

For me I suppose being a chef means more to me than just a career that I love it’s a lifestyle choice where the kitchen runs your life to such an extent you are looking for ways to improve everything or try different combinations that may or may not work but it’s a chance you are willing to take to give someone a new taste experience and go WOW that was amazing, or simply a piece of meat cooked perfectly where it is still juicy and packed full of flavour alongside a simple sauce made from juices in the pan.

Also the re-creation of my childhood where I had great food and didn’t realise it until I was in my early 20s and was eating out myself thinking nan used to make this way better or something a neighbour cooked something similar but it tasted way better which is now driving me to match my childhood nostalgia for particular dishes or ways of doing things like simple brown soda bread or my aunt’s egg Mayo sandwiches I know this reads kind of odd he’s on about brown bread and an egg salad sandwich but it’s my childhood my nans brown soda bread or Apple tart  and Sheila’s egg sandwiches but it’s my childhood and I suppose with nostalgia everything will always be better in the past, but that’s not gonna stop me from trying.

Many of my life plans have changed now that I am in the kitchen I once wanted a bar/ restaurant that served simple honest food to now wanting a funky cafe where I can make buns, cakes, breads, pastries and soup and sandwiches maybe a quiche or 2 final details yet to be worked out but it’s a dreams and I intend to realise this dreams come hell or high water I will have this cafe, where tea is served with a mug that you can fit more than 2 fingers through the handle and have a variety of novelty mugs to make it feel like home.

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