Mother sauces

without question every chef and I mean very chef who wants to call themselves a chef must know the five mother sauces by heart, they are the foundation of cookery. Without these base sauces you can not make all the other sauces, and sauces finish dishes and lift them to new heights, often the difference between a good dish and a great one.

Set in stone by two of the greatest chefs to have ever lived Maire-antoine Careme and the godfather of cookery Auguste Escoffier. so here they are



made with milk thickened with a white roux

from this you get mornay, soubise etc


pomodoro sauce (tomato sauce)

napolitana bolonesa, ketchup



maltaise, noisette, bernaise



the base of most sauces

charcutera, sauce africaine, chasseur



bercy , poulette , aurore

there are thousands of derived from these mother sauces , I will do each sauce in detail in the coming weeks from making to all the derived sauces

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