James on fish & fishing


Salmon and cod account for 60% of the Irish fish market. And most of the cod eaten here is imported because the Irish fishing industry has notoriously low quotas for cod catches. Our addiction to cod means that overall about 40 percent of the fish eaten on this island nation is actually imported.Meanwhile, the waters around Ireland are full of up to 40 different species of fish, many of which are regarded as delicacies in Spain and France.for me its like the irish people do not realise the variety of fish in Irish waters.We export most of these fish because there just isn’t a market here for them but in spain they’ll pay good money for a fish caught here that most Irish people won’t even have heard of. in this day and age where governments are trying to make money wouldn’t it help to start advertising irish fish which would cut the cost of importing them not only that but when you go into your big named shops and you see fish for sale how fresh is that fish actually lets go through it it has to be caught ,processed ,packaged ,put on a ship ,from ship to truck ,to shop how many days old is that fish now makes you think .

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