Future of food??? By Kevin

What does the future and food hold?

We have gone through several stages of evolution of food by now and well a good question to ask now while people gain knowledge of food and sourcing is, I suppose what way is it heading? Humans have depleted the Amazon, cutting down the rain forrests to plant soya to feed agricultural animals to feed humans, which is so counter productive but it does keep the trillionaires at the top. We have no idea in this country of what’s going on in the rest of the world. The rain forrests in Indonesia have been devastated to plant corn so we can eat chilli Doritos. Africa is hardly the garden of the planet considering most of the land is scorched. America according to Netflix is a drug infested turbulent spot to be in what with all the drug inc. tv shows etc etc. They’ll do good at some point but at the moment their a bit preoccupied with presidents, poverty and the filthy rich. China has without question the highest rate of pollution in the world. So that leaves the middle East, Russia and Europe. From a distance too it looks like good aul Vlad in Russia is trying his best to do what’s right to protect his interests which he clearly knows are his people because let’s face it if war does come, he’ll want a few of the boyz to stand by him. All that being said he has ramped up honey production by spending and hiring his bee keepers to do so and apparently the country wants to be completely eco friendly by 2022. The middle East are working on a concept called eco cities where before when cities were built it was with cars as transport in mind. Now they build cities without roads because the cities are built on top of underground commuter systems. Narrow streets mean not so much sunlight which actually makes it easier for plants to have a chance to grow.

That leaves us with Europe, which at the moment seems stuck. Extremely caught up by financial dept and seems to me still working on an identity what with Brexit and the divides. The big thing that has happened for our industry in Europe at the moment is chefs ARE in demand. A lesson we should take a look at because if it keeps getting worse then your food gets worse. Your food will be bought by governments and accountants and well that didn’t go so well for Indonesia now did it.

Chefs are not passionate about money at the start but by the time government’s are finished with them it’s all they can think of. Chefs are passionate about food, local food because chefs are guess what, from places too. Chefs love to be creative, chefs love to inspire and chefs love to get rewards that are anything but money to get the message from us that we are really very satisfied with what they have produced for us as aposed to well I suppose we just have to accept it because it’s the government. We just need to believe in the chefs we have when it comes to our food. You don’t go to the opticians when you need a new washing machine so why go to a politician when we want to buy or grow food. The message is simple, we all have chefs in our town, so maybe we should talk to them more about how to live better, healthier, more satisfied lives and them let them shine the light on the direction food on our small floating globe is heading.

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