Traditional vs trends by Gorka

Tradition versus new trends
As chefs that we are , no matter from where in the world one thing should join us together and is the love of food , seasons , produce & joy of sharing with our customers or friends or family gatherings…… no matter the situation is all about what we eat.
Nobody can argue that technology is having a massive effect on our lives somethings are positive and others are really worrying
Why tradition is important?
Well obviously is our dna , our memories from our parents passed on by their parents , how we eat , when do we eat …..and recipes passed on from generations and this is the worrying part about technology….. has made us lazy ….. we are losing our taste buds and are not passed on to our kids,we google recipes, we buy anything in a supermarket wherever it comes from just because is handy and affordable…… we have become lazy!!!!!
It’s just too easy
Who suffers ?
Everyone !!!! That shortcuts are taking just to make money for big companies …. it’s all about money!!
Our bodies have become intolerant to so many things because we are trying to make food so safe that there is no bacteria whatsoever that our bodies can react and learn to deal with it …. and our inmune systems are weak….. apart from amount of shit that we are using to preserve food for lasting longer, look shinier, grow faster……
No doubt the are good things from technology, lots of it too……
Media, internet , Connection with people, sharing opinions or blogs, …. kitchen equipment, accessories, cooking methods, chefs techniques……lots of it!!!!
So for that you have to admire people that actually care and do something about it , and you support them and put your words into actions, that’s one of the things that I see in this group people that do care and do their part and I like it!!!
We as chefs admire chefs creativity and blend of ingredients, techniques and talent …… from escoffier first innovative chef to Ferran adria , a person that change our point of view about food and open a limitless book of creation
My last reflection is that what would I prefer a roasted pepper on a wooden barbecue…. the smell , the memories, how my mum told me to peel them and preserve them ….
Ducks tongue cooked for 40 hours , low temperature, foam , air, deconstruction……
A mass produce apple tarte with “custard “ from lidl to put and example…..
Just a little reflection on a fine summer morning!!!!

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