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Humanity v’s Trip Advisor
So we opened Croí restaurant in Tralee 9 months ago and since then we’ve jumped through the hoops. Dealing with suppliers, sourcing food in Kerry that we believe in because, this is my county, this is my town and these are my people. Wether your from the Czech republic or China, I don’t care if you support local I support you. This is my stand point, I work hard, I love people and it’s why do it. I don’t do this just to make money, I love our local producers, it beats talking to a rep hands down. They have the same passion I do and the care and ideas are fantastic. I hear stories from Chef Noel of conversations that happen in the wee hours of the morning about nights we can put on, to put our town and county’s food on a pedestal. A platform to show off what we do in Kerry not just Croí. We employ staff and train them to a high standard. They then go out and impart information to guests regarding food and drink. The aim is to make people’s time through any establishment enjoyable. All of this is done by us because we believe.
So if you look at all that and take it that I’m being honest and then take a look at our adversary which is the almighty Trip Advisor. It is a website/app that has us competing with opinion. Have you heard the expression opinions are like asses, everyone has one? Do I have flaws? Of course I do, I’m human. To not have a flaw is to be inhuman. Would it be better to have an app that sends people to restaurants, bars, hotels, hostels and b&b’s that suit them? Instead we are left with an app that is forced to deal with everyone’s opinion. Some people don’t even say anything to the staff in restaurants anymore, if they have a complaint it’s like their content to make themselves feel more important, AKA a JOKE.

This is the crazy part, I am not the same as you, we have very little in common. I like my coffee strong with 1 sugar, you? Things I like you may not is what I’m getting at. We have lost the art of exploring, finding out for ourselves. We don’t trust ourselves so we refer to an app to make our decisions. Again I have no problem with something that markets or advertises like a directory for establishments but slating people for trying? Come on world you can do better than that…..

The result:
I’ve seen staff get disheartened with their jobs based on other people’s opinions and it’s disgusting and harmful. 5star 4star reviews are great but even those reviews pale by comparison when it comes to that of a negative review and it’s devastating intent. I understand that not everyone will enjoy what we do but the majority do. I understand that people in general put up constructive criticism and I welcome you I honestly do but could humanity come up with a more appropriate way to support its own community rather then blasting people out of it with comments and snidey remarks or “opinions” based on people trying?? Even people that do things for the wrong reason deserve a chance.

The effect: look at our unemployment lines, look at our increase in mental health issues. Look at the youth of today. They all want to help I know this for fact but unfortunately the ADULTS of today have failed the youth of today. School drop outs are at an all time high. Now I know your thinking, what does this have to do with trip advisor? In my “opinion” (hahahahaha) it’s like penny’s make pounds, it all adds up.

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