Davids year in review



January 2017
I guess this is as good as place as any to start so in January I just about a month in to be fully diagnosed with depression. This didn’t hit me that hard as I knew something was wrong with me, mentally and emotionally. I was constantly arguing with my wife and just wanted to be alone with my own thoughts.

February 2017
The depression is a bit better I was put on medicine and it helped changed my mood. It helped me with my attitude as I back to my normal easy going self

April 2017
I gonna skip forward a small bit mentally and emotionally I am doing ok. My financial situation started to effect me. I started to question my self worth I had no qualifications no leaving cert no direction in going forward and no idea how to get there. I was in a job focus meeting one day and I was like Dave your nearly 30 with no skills no qualifications nothing GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER MAN
I took a chance on a random course. I choose to do a basic culinary course. I went for the interview and honestly I thought I messed it up. I was grilled to the highest order and felt really low coming out of it.

May 2017
A letter came through the door to say I was accepted into the culinary course. I was honestly shocked. I genuinely thought I messed up the interview. To say I was excited was an understatement. It was a nice feeling, I hadn’t felt it in months. I was like a big kid lunch packed school bag over the shoulder and on my way. Little did I know then it would change my life for the better

June 2017
A live demo from the tralee culinary gangsters was had in the college . The knowledge the experience and most of the food. AGAIN THE FOOD. The flavour of the food was just amazing. Outstanding even and I ain’t just saying that as I am I fellow gangster now myself. I am saying that as a student who just discovered the world of cuisine.

June – July 2017
In discovering this exciting new artistic world I quickly rushed at the opportunity to ask chef Noel for some work experience. And it was an experience it still is.

August 2017
Course is over, I am now an official member of TCG. The rose of tralee is in full bloom and chef Noel randomly decides let’s do a big mural of the side of the building. Little did I know at the time it would be not only a talking point but also a main focal point for tralee.

Sept 2017
Results are out. I was very nervous about this. I got a distinction in culinary arts, it was the very first time I ever had a qualification or a degree of any sort. To say I was proud is a huge understatement. I was that excited I actually got a culinary tattoo.

Oct 2017
A month after i left college in working with chef Noel in CROI and now at the yes chef awards. I felt like I didn’t belong there sitting with some of the greats in the industry and now little old me fresh from college sitting beside them. I felt very ooverwelmed.

Nov 2017
On a personal note I have stopped the depression meds now, my choice not the doctors am I doing better yes am I felling better yes am I more tired all the time when I not working I practically sleeping . I also have stopped cooking as much at home and with the support of the my fellow gangsters and colleagues I joined a Facebook group called chefs with issues

Dec 2017
Xmas is here I finally good again I have that Xmas spirit, even listening to Xmas songs in the kitchen the best thing about December was seeing I was diagnosed with depression a year and not letting it get in my way. Also if you want something bad enough go get it no-one else with give it to you. Life is short enough make it worth living.

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