Reflective by paul


Round 2

As many of you know I recently did my second live feed from the sea shore as promised in the 1st feed. This time slightly more confident withy surroundings that I would have better reception and the feed would go uninterrupted. Being honest I prefer the shoreline foraging, something about the sea air I always leave refreshed from the sea breeze whether warm summer or bitterly cold winter.
My 2nd interview with the lovely Avril Allshire-Hawe of caherbeg free range pork and roscarbery recipes, was for me more enjoyable more relaxed I was less nervous about it, I felt better equipped to take on this interview. I discovered this jewel of West cork food a few years ago while on a trip with my college classmates. I thought this would be a great interview to do as it’s an artisan and award winning product. I could be in West Cork at any stage during the year as my fiancée is from there (@wattonarts on Instagram please follow she does some amazing drawings).
Also these products won an award at the Listowel food festival recently and are also developing a new product called billtong it’s a south African snack of of cured meat traditionally beef, it’s something I’m looking forward to its release but i know it wont be until it’s as good as they can get it, and are happy with it. Avril’s and her family’s enthusiasm shines through in all their products, taking these humble products and giving them the time care and dedication to the practice of perfection.  Available in SuperValu Tralee, Listowel, Dingle, with tastings regularly, my advice pick it up try it and you won’t go back.

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