Sea purslane pickle

Pickling purselane

As I said in the live feed we were going to pickle some of the sea purselane.

Recipe for the pickle.
500ml water
500ml vinegar
250g sugar
20g salt

2 garlic cloves whole

Now the process is quite simple don’t think because chefs are doing it that is complicated

1: wash the purselane in salted water, pick out any dead leaves or miscoloured leaves, also the seaweeds that grow around them

2: pick through the purselane once washed and discard any heavy stalk as they will sour the pickle.

3: bring the water, vinegar, sugar and salt to a vigorous boil for 1 minute

4: place the picked purselane into glass jars with lids cover with the pickle liquid while still hot

5: leave to cool before putting on the lids.

You can use this recipe to pickle anything you want from carrots to cucumbers and onions.

This will hold indefinitely as long as the pickle is not contaminated use tongs/tweezers or gloves when taking the purselane from the liquid once pickled.

We served this alongside a mix of the other foraged greens with fresh unsmoked haddock.

Carrots use a veg peeler and peel to the core
Onions thinly slice on a mandolin (handheld slicer)
Cucumber as above

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