James on pine trees


All pines contain edible seeds in the late season cones. The only issue is the quality and size of those seeds are highly dependent upon the species of pine.

. The best time to gather pine nuts is in September and October. Look for the round open cones. Simply gather the cones, remove the seeds and shell before eating raw or roasting.you can also make tea from the pine needles which is load with vitamin C.to make the tea, simply gather a good handful of fresh green pine needles., dice the needles with a knife as fine as possible. Next, take these needles and put them directly into a cup of boiling water, letting it boil for a minute or two. The water should turn a light yellow color. Add some honey, and drink. what you can also yous of the pine tree is you can eat the bark this comes as the biggest surprise to most people.The first thing you’ll want to do is to choose a large, mature pine tree since it provides the most inner bark without harming the tree.With a heavy drive the tip of the knife through the outer bark with a strong stick with this you well carve out a rectangle  .once done carve out another layer .what you are left with is a tender and sweetest part of the inner bark. cut the bark into thin strips and simply fry them in some butter or oil until medium brown and crispy. Add a little bit of salt and it tastes like potato chips.

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Side note you can make pune salt by simply blending pine needles and salt together for a wonderful flavoured salt

This time of year place a few pine cones in the oven for the smell of christmas


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