#cupcakehour baking tips muffins


Stir to moisten dry ingredients, counting 12 to 15 strokes. Batter will remain lumpy

Muffin cups can be lightly greased or lined with paper baking cups. Fill each cup 2/3 full with batter for pebbly-topped, rounded muffins

Lightly spray paper baking cups with nonstick cooking spray to prevent muffins from sticking to the paper

To get nicely domed muffins, grease the baking cups on the bottoms and only halfway up the sides

If there isn’t enough batter to fill all the cups, fill the empty cups with water before baking to protect the pan.

Muffins are done when their tops are golden

To store muffins, cool completely. Place them in a plastic bag, seal, and store at room temperature for up to three days

To freeze muffins, wrap them tightly in heavy foil or place them in freezer bags and freeze for up to three months

To reheat frozen muffins, wrap them in heavy foil. Heat them in a 160c oven for 12 to 15 minutes

Most muffins, especially reduced-fat versions, are best served warm from the oven. Reheating briefly in the oven or microwave can revive flavor and texture

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