Kevin on trends



A gaggle for a goose.


Over the past number of years people have really followed the trends. From a serious illness of a celiac to the lifestyle choice of being gluten intolerant. People are slowly but surely giving everything up. Sugar is an issue, everyone knows about aspartame, stevia. There’s agave, corn syrup and the list goes on. Sid Sheehan talks about this more in his article on sugar. Following trends tends to take away individuals choice, ” I can’t have that cake because Majella would kill me”. That’s not having a choice. Having a good healthy choice is about putting forward the best version of yourself as possible. Some people have the ability to put forward a seriously healthy version, others are happy with floating along. Dipping into the world of “oh this isn’t good for me 🙂”. We all know what’s good and what’s bad. Moderation is the best most can hope for and perfection is an illusion, a curse placed upon the few. Diet how important it is, the relationship you have with yourself is more important. If you have a good steady relationship with yourself then your relationship with diet and food will be better and the need to follow trends or fads will pass. Have a look at what your eating and ask yourself is that me? Believe in yourself and if that’s hard at the start then start by doing something nice for yourself everyday to improve your relationship with yourself and then see if your diet changes. The entire movement will have a knock on effect. Healthy body healthy mind healthy eating. Live the dream my friends and mind your bodies, your thought process and life balance or what’s on the table to loose!!

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