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Outwitting the Sugar Addiction




Sugar is a major life force needed to fuel the brain and body. Sugars that are found in whole foods are balanced with the proper minerals. When these sugars break down and are assimilated, the energy produced is stable and long lasting.


When natural sugar is refined and concentrated the balance is dismembered. Refined sugar passes through the blood stream quickly in large amounts upsetting the stomach and pancreas. Overtime, prolonged use of refined sugar leads to an acid condition, consuming the body’s minerals, weakening the digestive system, and throwing the blood sugar out of balance. This quick, high energy producer is unfortunately addictive and contributes to obesity, hypoglycaemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, anaemia, immune deficiency, tooth decay, and loss of bone mass among many other conditions. In fact, sugar is so addictive that many clinical trials involving rats as test subjects, have shown that refined sugar is a more powerful addictive substance than cocaine.

Removing sugar from the diet is no easy task. It is everywhere!

If you try to go cold turkey, be prepared for some nasty withdrawal symptoms. Many experience headaches comparable to a migraine, exhaustion, mood swings and depression. But don’t let that put you off. Sugar withdrawal doesn’t have to be torture.

Before you go crazy trying to throw it out…use these tips and try some of the sugar alternatives offered here. Over time, you may actually prefer them, and your body will thank you.
























Tips to Kick the Sugar Habit



Eat Regularly. Eat little and often. Many people have a drop in blood sugar levels when meals are too spaced out, leaving us feel hungry and more likely to crave sweet sugary snacks.

Choose Whole Foods. The closer a food is to its original form, the less processed sugar it will have.

Try To Incorporate Protein Into Each Meal. This helps to control blood sugar levels. Make sure they are healthy sources. Be sure to start the day with right with a good wholesome breakfast to limit sugar cravings throughout the day.

Get Enough Sleep. When over tired we often use sugar for energy to counteract the exhaustion.

Keep It Out Of Reach. Keep sugary snacks out of the house or place of work. It’s hard to give in to temptation if it’s not there in the first place.

Distract Yourself. Cravings are usually short-lived. If you can distract yourself with something else, it often passes. The more you do this, the easier it gets and the cravings get easier to deal with.

Give Yourself A Break. It is possible to satisfy that sweet tooth with something nutritious. Do avoid artificial sweeteners, which will do little to alter your desire for sweets and have a negative effect on the body. Have a piece of fruit or a square of dark chocolate which actually has many health benefits, in moderation of course!



Written by Richard Sheehan



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At one stage or another in all of our lives we’ve tried a diet of some description, usually in a desperate bid to shape up for a holiday or upcoming event. If you’ve never found yourself in this dilemma, then you are truly blessed genetically!

While you may lose weight on a quick fix programme, chances are that you’ve put it back on just as quickly. Others will succumb to deprivation, boredom and misery within the first 7-10 days and feel like a failure, so they turn to their reliable friend ‘FOOD’ for comfort and so the vicious cycle continues.

Whether it’s the cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit and water diet or some other potion that guarantees rapid weight loss, the results are never long lasting.

The basic science is that the human body needs a variety of food groups to sustain healthy living. When you crash diet, generally you are consuming far fewer calories that normal. You would assume that this should automatically result in weight loss, but actually your body goes into starvation mode. When this happens your metabolism slows down. Your metabolism is your body’s engine, it determines how many calories you burn. That means that if your metabolism slows down, your body has to work much harder to burn the same amount of calories it would if it was functioning normally. For example, let’s say you normally burn 300 calories during a 30 minute session on a treadmill. If your metabolism has slowed down, you may only burn 200 calories for the exact same session. Now you have to work 3 times harder to get the same calorie expenditure to help you lose weight. That really sounds like too much hard work for no good reason.

Rather than obsessing with these quick fix diets, what you really need to do is adapt a longer lasting lifestyle change. Yes, it may take more time to achieve your goals but the results will be more permanent.

A few simple tips to get you on the right track

Do not deprive yourself too much, just have everything in moderation.

Eat at regular intervals and don’t allow yourself to get over hungry.

Keep a daily food diary for a week. It will give you a clear indication of exactly what you are consuming. Sometimes you may not realise just how much you’re eating.

Decrease your intake of alcohol.

Opt for higher fibre wholefoods and decrease the amount of processed foods.

Drink plenty of water in its pure form. Not in the form of dilute fruit squash.

Obviously exercise is a major factor in any weight loss programme. Dieting alone is not sufficient.

If you would like more information on this subject call for an appointment    PHONE 0873848818

By Richard Sheehan, Nutritional Therapist Dip NT M.I.A.N.T.

#cupcakehour souffle


Read your souffle recipe. Then, read it again


Measure and weigh all the ingredients before you start cooking


Make sure all the equipment you are using is scrupliously clean and grease free


Ensure all your ingredients, especially the eggs, are at room temperature. Do not use cold eggs


Prepare and grease soufflé dishes, either large or individual ones, before you start making the soufflé mixture


Preheat the oven, so once the soufflé is made and in the dish it can go directly into the oven


Be warned. It is not an “Old Wives Tale” that opening the door while a soufflé is cooking can cause it to sink, it is true


Don’t start to cook unless you know you can serve it directly to the table. within no time, a souffle will slowly start to sink. If you want to show-off


Work quickly and calmly, and most of all have fun; there’s no greater joy than cooking for oneself, family or friends

Know what your eating


The vast majority of health experts recommend eating a balanced, healthy diet to maintain or lose weight and to optimise your overall feeling of well-being. But exactly what is a healthy diet?

The basic components of a healthy diet include the right amount and balance of:

Protein – found in fish, meat, poultry, dairy products, eggs, nuts and beans.

Fat – found in animal and dairy products, nuts, seeds and oils

Carbohydrates – found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and other legumes.

Water- the most vital of all nutrients essential for life

So, you may say I’ve got all of those core food groups in my everyday diet but yet I feel unwell, constantly tired and unmotivated or I can’t seem to shift a few stubborn pounds. Well this is where food producing companies globally are managing to fool us through very clever marketing ploys. Let’s take a look at some of the more common foods which may not be as beneficial to our health as we are lead to believe.

Low Calorie Ready Meals

A calorie is simply a measurement, just like a teaspoon or an inch. Calories are the amount of energy released when your body breaks down food. The more calories a food has, the more energy it can provide to the body. It’s the source of the calories rather than the amount of calories that we should focus on. For example an apple contains more calories than a chocolate chip cookie but clearly we know which one is healthier. Many ready meals are marketed as low calorie but often contain high amounts of salt and even worse, artificial flavourings and preservatives. The most common of these is MSG (monosodium glutamate). This flavour enhancer is found in most ready meals, packet sauces and soups, crisps etc.  It is seen by many experts as a major health concern because it contains a toxin which over excites the cells in the body. This is thought to be associated with digestive distress, behaviour problems, weight gain and a long list of other symptoms.

No Added Sugar Soft Drinks

Every day we see this food labelling marketed as being healthy because the bottle of fizzy drink or dilute squash contains no sugar, therefore lower in calories. But do we stop to think what makes it so sweet instead? No. We continue to allow our children to consume vast amounts of this sweet poison. One of the most controversial artificial sweeteners is called Aspartame. It is found in virtually every ‘no added sugar’ soft drink, but often disguised under a more attractive name. It contains chemicals directly linked to weight gain, depression, neurological disorders, anxiety, heart palpitations and many more.

A good habit for all of us to get into is to start taking note of the ingredients list on food and drink labelling. Generally if you can’t pronounce it you’re better off without it.


Richard Sheehan, Nutritional Therapist



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Nourish by Nature is Kerry’s first combined Cookery School and Complementary Therapy Centre. Run by Sid and Angela Sheehan, it offers a unique experience for the healthy eating enthusiast. Sid is a Chef for many years and also a qualified Nutritional Therapist while his wife Angela is a Reflexologist and Hawaiian Massage Therapist. Both Sid and Angela passionately believe there is a direct link between what you eat and your mental and physical well-being. They are committed to inspiring people, to take responsibility for their own health, by sharing with them their knowledge and experience.

There are a range of demonstration classes from Home Baking to one Pot Dishes, Basic Cookery to Fresh from the Sea. Some of their more dietary specific classes include Healing with Wholefoods, Cancer Fighting Foods, Hormone Balancing through Diet, Gluten & Dairy Free and many more. Their diverse range of evening classes has something to suit everybody’s needs. Another popular service they offer is a themed dining experience where individuals bring their own wine/beer. The school caters for small groups of up to ten people hence making each class very personal and relaxed.


More information can be found on


Phone: 087 3848818


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james on cooking demo


My first cooking demo at Tralee food fare.
my day began at 10.00 in the morning where me and paul went to collect the freshest of ingredients by the sea shore for my dish we collect a verity of sea vegetables from there then we headed straight to the demo
. Where I bought my shell fish locally at quinlans.the fish I used for my dish where crab claws, mussel and langoustines prawns.
as the time neared for my first demo under the name Tralee culinary gangsters
I could feel this pressure to preform in front of a crowd to start to grow in me when we went on the stage
I could see the crowd growing Kevin went on first to start his dish then Paul went on back to Kevin,
next up was myself when I got up there first I was nerves as hell I could fell my hand shanking trying to remember the order in which I was adding the ingredients into the frying pan was something different what I usually do on a day to day basics I was now trying to remember how to do it but the minute I turned the gas on and lit fire to it and I could hear and see the butter melting and sizzling I relaxed
and said I got this and before I knew it was over I had produced this dish which was all about flavour and freshness everything that was in that dish was hand picked that morning and all the fish was bought a minute before I went on stag. the excitement inside me after we came of stag all I want to do was go back up again .hopefully this well be the first cooking demo of many to come under the Tralee culinary gangsters .
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