james on cooking demo


My first cooking demo at Tralee food fare.
my day began at 10.00 in the morning where me and paul went to collect the freshest of ingredients by the sea shore for my dish we collect a verity of sea vegetables from there then we headed straight to the demo
. Where I bought my shell fish locally at quinlans.the fish I used for my dish where crab claws, mussel and langoustines prawns.
as the time neared for my first demo under the name Tralee culinary gangsters
I could feel this pressure to preform in front of a crowd to start to grow in me when we went on the stage
I could see the crowd growing Kevin went on first to start his dish then Paul went on back to Kevin,
next up was myself when I got up there first I was nerves as hell I could fell my hand shanking trying to remember the order in which I was adding the ingredients into the frying pan was something different what I usually do on a day to day basics I was now trying to remember how to do it but the minute I turned the gas on and lit fire to it and I could hear and see the butter melting and sizzling I relaxed
and said I got this and before I knew it was over I had produced this dish which was all about flavour and freshness everything that was in that dish was hand picked that morning and all the fish was bought a minute before I went on stag. the excitement inside me after we came of stag all I want to do was go back up again .hopefully this well be the first cooking demo of many to come under the Tralee culinary gangsters .
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