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a Never before has there been such a way for the food industry to be seen.
The trickery, the talent, the goals, the drive and of course, the passion.
Chefs are people that live and breath food. Seasons changing, what’s fresh? The power of local knowledge, outgoing enough to go meet the people. Talk to a farmer, pick your fruit, harvest. Followed by the throwing on of the chosen coloured jacket of choice. Mine is white. Arriving at your station with all your tools, and your thought focused on the food. Fresh hand picked home grown what ever you like
. The marvels we came upon in the kitchens by ourselves is unreal but now look at us. I regularly communicate with chefs from around the world, giving my knowledge and taking theirs and together we feed each other, mentally.
Stimulating our minds with creativity and wisdom. Being on the other side now I constantly monitor the movement and motivation of certain people that I can clearly see grow in themselves including myself.
The industry is paying people constantly but not just financially.
Personal growth for people that I would see as elite. Gruelling shift, constantly on our feet, rushing, catching up and getting it done.
These people have a voice now and boy is it being used!!
by kevin o connor

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