kevin on chicken


The embarrassment of our own!!
As a nation we listen to the media, politicians, sports people, doctors, the HSE and many many more bang on about food.
But what are we really doing.
Our most popular chicken sold in Ireland is the hot chicken fillet roll at deli counters. 51% chicken is what’s in a hot chicken fillet roll piece of chicken
. This is what we’re ok with selling to our proud Irish people. How proud we are of our soccer players, our Olympians, actors and political leaders.
In 12 months an Irish person will consume more then 220 chicken breasts. From where, we don’t know really.
Doesn’t say “fresh chicken fillet wrap from Hong Kong” on the display counter, it says “fresh hot chicken roll + crisps/chocolate bar and water €5.00”.
This is what the adults of our proud nation are ok with
. Enjoy your lunch!!

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