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tips on the perfect sorbet

Therein lies the golden rule of great sorbet: start with good fruit and don’t screw it up

Sugar doesn’t just sweeten sorbet—it’s also responsible for sorbet’s structure

When you dissolve sugar in water you get a syrup with a lower freezing point than water alone

Remember the golden rule of sorbet? Use good fruit. No, scratch that—use the best fruit you can find

Fruit high in pectin (berries, stone fruit, and grapes) or fiber (mangoes, pears, and bananas) are high in viscosity and full of body

That’s because pectin and fiber act as thickeners

Also pay attention to how much sugar your chosen fruit brings to a sorbet. Sweet strawberry purée needs less added sugar than tart lemon juice

Four cups fruit purée to one cup sugar. That’s really all you need to know

You’ll also have to add acid (lemon or lime juice are best) and salt to taste

This ratio is simply a starting point; use your own taste as your ultimate guide

cooking fruit concentrates flavor, drives off water for a creamier final texture

But when I make sorbet I want it to taste like nothing but fresh fruit at its absolute best

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