#cubcakehour icing tips


1. Your icing will dry out very quickly so it is important to work quickly to avoid your icing becoming cracked and difficult to use 


2. When you are not using your icing (even for a minute) put it in a plastic bag or cover it with vinyl to avoid it drying out 


Cool your hands under cold water and keep your corn flour to a light sprinkle. 


Weather will affect your fondant icing – humidity will make the icing sticky and very cold weather will make it as hard as rock

NEVER EVER refrigerate your icing when it is on a cake. Fondant will sweat in the fridge 


Your excess fondant icing is best stored in a sealed bag or container 


Always work the icing in small amounts and try and get above your icing when you knead it on the bench 


Never cover a cake straight from the fridge. To achieve a professional finish only cover cakes at room temperature 


Never use icing that is too dry or over kneaded. This will make the corners crack very easily



When making dark colours (such as red, black, brown, purple) make them the day before so the icing has time to relax and rest.

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