1. Check that the shelves in your oven are in the correct position before turning on your oven. Bake your cake on the middle shelf, with the top of the cake sitting in the centre of the oven 


Make sure the oven has reached the required preheated temperature before you bake your cake. Every oven is different, but most will reach the correct temperature in about 15-20 minutes.


Always measure your ingredients accurately. If you don’t have any measuring cups and spoons,


Bring ingredients such as butter and eggs to room temperature before using them. This will make them easier to incorporate into the mixture and the batter will be less likely to curdle or separate during beating


Use the tin size and the quantities of ingredients stated in the recipe – getting it right is essential for success


. Opt for a stand mixer when beating and whisking the cake batter – it’s the easiest method. A hand-held electric beater is also a good option, but it will take slightly longer to bring the mixture to the desired consistency



Don’t crack eggs directly into the batter or you may drop eggshells in it. Instead, simply crack them into a cup, then add to the batter. If you get a small piece of eggshell in the cup, scoop it out with another piece of eggshell – it acts like a magnet



Line your cake tin neatly – it’s essential for a good-looking cake


To test if your cake is cooked, pull out the oven rack halfway towards you and insert a skewer into the centre. Insert it all the way to the base of the tin, ensuring you don’t place it through a crack in the cake. Gently remove the skewer – the cake is cooked when it comes out clean


chef noel

stand your cake in the tin for five minutes after baking, then turn it out onto a wire rack, right-side up, to cool completely

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