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The revenge of Bertha

After Gin has taken the world by storm I’ve noticed a few brewers are popping up in Ireland. One of my personal favourites to sell at the moment is a local Gin called Bertha’s revenge. Which is a Gin that uses cow’s milk in the brewing process. The gin is brewed on the far side of Cork in Ballyvolane. Everything from the bottle to the wonderful taste of this rare Gin is superb.


This is a piece from their own website on the thought and care that are put into things by the people that run the company.


We are using whey alcohol as our base spirit to make a truly unique irish gin


(most spirits are made using barley or wheat grain spirit). Milk from Irish dairy farmers is separated into curds and whey (Little Miss Muffet and her scary spider); curds go on to make cheese and the whey has traditionally been regarded as a waste product.

Special yeasts are added to the whey to convert the milk sugars into alcohol, producing a very high quality whey spirit. We are then distilling this by hand with 18 different botanicals (locally foraged and grown where possible) and our own pure natural Irish spring water to produce Bertha’s Revenge gin. We are the first artisan distillery to produce small batch milk gin from whey alcohol.

For me this is what it is to be local, this is what is to be Irish.

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