David does classics

Christmas 2019 I received an amazing gift from my girlfriend, a book that some chefs would call the bible, Escoffier

– Le Guide Culinaire. I have

used this as a solid reference point since especially when finishing my college

course and cooking meals for special occasions.

Just recently I realised that so far this year I have

used 2 Escoffier recipes in 2 months, so I plan to continue this process and do

12 in 12 months. The first recipe I used was on New Year’s Day.


Saumon Ecossaise – Salmon Ecossaise

This dish is so deceiving in how delicate and light it is. The marriage between the poached salmon and the hollandaise sauce is just as beautiful and as elegant as the pairing of the buttered stewed vegetables and duchess potatoes.

After cooking this particular it easy to see why so many people loved when Escoffier did fish, without even talking about the skills of the various cooking methods, just the share flavour he got from the food is amazing. The man was a wealth of knowledge and knew and did things others at the time could only dream of.

My second dish of the year I cooked on Valentine’s Day.


Tournedos Benjamin

To say this dish is fit for a king is an understatement, a prime cut of beef nicely seared and served rare with a stuffed mushroom filled with foie gras and parmesan cheese. A veal jus and Potato dauphine to finish. I would lie the ingredients are a little bit of a luxury and this is not your everyday type of steak dish, but I will the flavour alone is worth it. With the first bite of the beef it is almost like travel through history but with food, eating the very meals royalty did so many years before, and being able to reproduce than is not only a privilege but a culinary honour.

As February draws to a close it is time to take out the bible again and I am starting to look towards what to do in March, I think I will do something poultry-based this time.

During a time where working in a restaurant is near impossible for most chefs, I just want to use this time continuing doing what I love, while somehow still being inspired. So with that, I want to thank chef noel for being my mentor and giving me the skills needed. And secondly, my girlfriend who gave me the bible. And here’s to cooking in March



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