Karl’s Sunday roast

Chef Karl gave us a delicious roast pork recipe ideal for your Sunday Roast!
๐ŸŒน1kg of Lion of Pork
๐ŸŒน200g almond flakes
๐ŸŒน200g almond flakes
๐ŸŒน10g paprika
๐ŸŒน10g garlic salt
๐ŸŒน1 teaspoon fennel seeds
๐ŸŒน1 teaspoon salt
๐ŸŒน2 slices bread
Blend all together to a fine bread crumb. Cut the eye of the pork open to make one long sheet of pork. Score the meat and pack the filling on top and roll the meat tight. Tie the meat up as best you can. Run plenty of salt on the skin.
Roast for 1 1/2 hour 170oc and turn the heat up to 200oc to create a crisp skin. PLEASE LEAVE THE MEAT REST FOR 10 MINS ONCE IT IS COOKED. Adjust the cooking time according to the weight of the meat.

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