Rock n roll is dead by Gorka

Rock n roll is dead by Gorka

There was a time no long time ago where our industry was ruled by bad ass , loud , genius, hard sweeting rock and rollers
This post might seem a bit nostalgic but I miss the era of no internet, google, master chefs, Netflix,TripAdvisor,bloggers……
There was a time when the chef was the person to admire,fear,loud….. he was a super rock and roll star
There was a time where everything was about products,suppliers,seasons….and skills
There was a time where the restauranteur was a passionate person, proud , father figure, mentor……not everything was about how many customers, how much money ,where can I buy it cheaper and make more profit ,holidays, more companies, more business, more money……….
There was a time when you where told to shut the f…. up and we were ok with it, we learn our craft and pursue our career and learn and learn and learn
There was a time where the was no shows, screams ,hungover,music
There was a time were food was not just fuel and we will eat what Mother Earth 🌏 provide us
There was a time where maitre d and waiting staff wore precise and immaculate uniforms
There was a time where a chef will appear on tv half drunk and still managed to cook a masterpiece
There was a time that recognition will come from one book and one book only every year , creating excitement and glamour
Funny enough I am posting this on Facebook so undoubtedly, there are good things about modern times
I see no more Marco Pierre whites in kitchen, we are a dying breed ….
Our industry is f…. and if we don’t rebel against it , we have lost
I don’t want to earn 50 euros p hour and put shit food in front of you
I want to cook good food , interact with you , please you , surprise you , be proud of your experience …….. I want the guitar to have this amazing solo…… and I totally refuse to wear skinny jeans and make up on tv…….
I love rock and roll !!!!!

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