A chefs head by Gorka

2016-06-12 01.17.31

A chefs head

Some people don’t realize the work behind the curtains, what do we think when we finish a dish ,a menu …..
What do we really think in our heads….

You have to get the best quality ingredients, according with your budget and your knowledge,you can’t hide behind a bad produce no matter how , good quality speaks for itself

We taste our food and season it…..
We know what food taste like or most of us do

We cook what’s in season,unfortunately all foods are available all year round so it’s pretty confusing even for us , but we stay in season in the country we live in …. in this case beautiful Ireland

KM 0 or MILE 0
What’s this?
Very simple ….we are surrounded by quality suppliers!!
Fish ,meat , vegetables…. you name it …. we have to support them , they are passionate about what they do and have the knowledge, they are a key factor in our food change they battle bad weather , hot weather, heavy seas ….. and work really hard for it!!

People eat with eyes too, and contrast in colors is important
Now saying that balsamic vinegar doesn’t taste as good as it looks in a plate for some reason , so everything has to make sense

This is due to your training and ability to understand products and cooking products, for a long time or really short time but that requires skills that are earned by experience and knowledge, doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional method or new techniques, we try to apply them correctly

Contrast in texture, soft , crunchy, crispy …… understanding of mixing ingredients, sour, sweet , spicy, bitter….. BALANCE

Cook to please your customers not yourself, they are paying for … set boundaries between you and them earn their loyalty and respect and challenge and surprise them every time

We have our days off and holidays like everyone else , so dishes should look , taste …. the same when we are on or off …….

Do we think of everything here?
For every dish!!!!
Mad???? Well we also have the gift of enjoying what we do and remember one thing we are our worst critic and we are human …. so sometimes we make mistakes like everyone else!!!!
Just thinking of my next menu so pretty busy at moment 😂 as you can read!!!

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