At your service by Diarmuid ring


Im all for the fine weather & the business it brings the excitement the craic for the guest & the production of management of people. We in our business are the willing we are the purveyor of food & drink & the creators of peoples experience. We are dedicated hard working and consistant to our trade. Our experience in hospitality will not be found on any certification from a college or school. We think on our feet we forward plan & are always fore-armed for any eventualities. We are given a blank canvas of the business and we create a new picture everyday. No day or night is the same no moment is the same nobody is the same. We are skilled to adapt and react and deliver. We are the Willing. We are Dedicated. We are a Unique highly skilled individuals. I pay my respects to All in Our industry who go to work do their job to the best of their ability To ensure Our guests enjoy the experience of Hospitality at the highest standards there are. #atyourservice 👤

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