Davids dairy free ice cream


Diary Free Chocolate Ice Cream
So for this recipe I’m using my son for inspiration he is 2 years old and is lactose intolerant (can’t have dairy products). And with the sudden heat wave we’ve been getting it’s difficult not to have ice cream in the house, so I taught to myself the main ingredient in ice cream is milk, what if I used almond which he is used to and drinks daily.
So here’s the recipe I put together
• 750ml almond milk
• 125ml honey
• 100g dark choc (I used 74% cacao) * again not diary in the chocolate*
Melt the choc over a Bain Marie or in a microwave personally I used a microwave to save time. Mix the milk and honey and choc together in a mixer or by hand with a whisk. Pour into a container and freeze for a few over night.
• Almond milk €1.69
• Honey €1.27
• Chocolate €0.95
Total = €3.91 = 1litre
A serving = €0.76

The price of making stays in line with some of these
So after leaving it in the freezer over night the ice cream had become firm, almost like sorbet but the creamy texture of ice cream still holds true. The flavour is good even thou it was a high percentage cacao the result is nice and mild.

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