An Italian breakfast

Traditional Italian Easter Breakfast


In Italy, a famous saying goes: “Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you wish.”


This proverb seems to invite a real exodus from their family environment, but perhaps in Rome and surroundings, is not quite so, because to the Romans, Easter is an important holiday that you get to celebrate since the early morning, with a rich Easter breakfast.

The traditional Roman Easter breakfast is, generally, preparing the table with dishes symbolic of the Christian religion, because this moment (Easter) celebrates the end of fasting and the return to life.


The table is completely set because this “breakfast” is very important in the regional tradition, almost more than the classic Easter lunch.



On the table will be present both sweet dishes and savory dishes.

We will find the typical Pizza battuta, served with chocolate Easter eggs, Pasqualina cake, to match with the Corallina (a type of salami), but definitely not miss the Colomba, the famous Easter cake.



In addition, the Roman tradition wants that on the table there are some cooked dishes including, for example, the Coratella with artichokes, Frittata with artichokes and boiled eggs to enjoy with cheese pizza.



Surely you can’t say it’s a light breakfast but the traditions are traditions and as such, we must try to pass them on from generation to generation because it’s nice to continue what our ancestors began. Happy Easter everyone!

P.s.: Don’t forget this breakfast has to be served with a generous glass of wine… maybe two!!


Tralee 14/04/2017

Massimiliano Bagaglini


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