EGGS by paul


Eggs are i believe the most underrated and unappreciated items in every cupboard or fridge or wherever you store the carton of eggs. They can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper, eggs fit seamlessly into any of these as part of the dish or as a dish in their own right. Aside from this they are also a staple in the baking of bread and pastry.
I would like to acknowledge all those people with chickens or ducks roaming around the back yard or farm, for not eating hg walking roast of the farmyard, to collect each day the eggs to be used i the kitchen.
I love a poached egg with thick cut rashers for breakfast with hollandaise sauce ( egg yolk, butter, lemon juice and salt). For lunch a 3 egg omelette with onion, bell pepper, chorizo a quick tasty lunch that fills any void before dinner. Now here’s where i use eggs a component to a larger meal with salad leaves and a poached egg to dress a salad instead of an oil or mayonnaise based dressing.
For deserts of course eggs are an essential part of many deserts from custards, to meringue to the pastry for a good apple tart.
There is debate about how to store eggs in the fridge or in the press. I maintain its best to keep them out of the fridge but away from direct sunlight. Most recipes work best when the egg is at room temperature unless specified in the recipe.
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