James onkids meals


Now as bad as that teaching was on food I went to an all boys secondary school which had no subject on food I had zero knowledge of basic of prepearing a dinner for myself one of life’s most importing things and we where never taught about it in a place where they are teaching you  to help you become adults but yet in a maths class we can now finds x is the number 2 what good is that to me .then your been tuaght  all this stuff so you can go to college .so now I’m in college I have to stay up in college for a week away from home no mommy to feed me now I ask the question am how do I cook a simple piece of chicken what tempature dose the oven need to be at. how do I know when its cooked.and all of sudden stutends in college are getting takeaways most night and the government talking about obesity

It all starts from an early age getting cooking with yours kids as young as you can the more they know about food the bitter chance they have to mind them self’s

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