Superfood supermarketing


There is no such thing as a superfood. A term that is very overused is superfood. The term superposition is given to a nutrient dense food. Foods labeled as super food are foods usually rich in vitamins. Kale is an example of this. Being extremely high in vitamin A and C. However people think that super foods such as wheat grass and kale will complete their diet. This in turn would allow them to remain in their sedentary lifestyle. Encorperating these foods is great but doesn’t lead to a balanced diet. Any food can be labeled superfood. Whether it’s common carrots rich in vitamin A or avocado that has an abundance of  healthy fats. This term is thrown around losely and can be MIsrepresented on any menu as a simple salad. Grocery stores use this to their advantage. Technically its false advertisement. While these foods can be included in a balanced diet they are not the answer to making up for a bad Diet. However the recognition of these foods and how to prepare them is a good thing. The price at which their sold to extort ordinary people.

By keith

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