Pauls review

Live and interviews 

In the past week I have went live on Facebook for the first time and also conducted my first interview. Live from almost the forest floor was  intended to be done in the forest in a spot that I am usually able to make a call or text but for some reason I couldn’t connect to Facebook whatsoever or even make a phonecall, so a quick scramble back to the cat and off down the road a number of messages come through “are you going live?? When you started?? Will I delete the post??” Meanwhile I’m shaking waiting for the phone to connect and load so I can go. I start and draw a blank what to say (argh). Go live with a group of people erecting a map of the area showing the pathways through the forest. Afterwards looking back at the video I did not expect the amount of views so quickly I have videos on YouTube with 80 views and less and this reaches 300 within a few hours I was shocked to tell the truth. 

Next up was the interview with a good family friend, and a former coach of my time in juvenile athletics, safe to say without him I wouldn’t have started at all. Willie Reidy and the Castlisland community garden, kindly agreed to meet with me, to answer a few questions about the project and how it got started and what services they provide to the area, in the form of gardening courses, growing on ridges and seasonal produce. I saw some the plans for the future and the variety of plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables being grown in this patch of land. I intend to return in spring and see a more vibrant area with more growing and more peopke to interact with. 

I’m looking forward to my next outing to Roscarbery recipes with Avril Allshire-Hawe, and a live coastal forage early in the new year.

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