Kevins spanish omelette


My Spanish omelette


One of my favourite dishes to make.

Take 2 large enough potatoes

1 red pepper

1 large onion

1 pack of thick cut trad bacon

6 eggs.


Peel and cut the potatoes (I like little half moons)


And then slice everything else.

Fry the potatoes until soft in the middle. You may have to fry several times because you don’t double them up. (Fry separately) as in the photos.


Take at the potatoes out and using the same oil fry off the veg and bacon until the bacon goes almost crispy. Then strain the oil.



Layer all the ingredients after that potato then veg & bacon mix, potato then veg & bacon mix. Then add the beaten eggs. Then cook the base of the omelette on a low heat and the top of the omelette under the grill. This will serve 2 people or 4 people with chips and salad.


Kevin is on twitter @parsnip78

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