#cupcakehour macroon


Aging the egg whites dehydrates them, resulting in a firmer, more stable meringue

Be sure to bring the egg whites back to room temperature before using.


old almond meal causes a macaron to lose its glossy luster.

Liquid food coloring can alter the texture of your macarons, making your batter too runny

I use gel color and add it while whipping the meringue.

Don’t be afraid to use a little too much: incorporating the almond meal mixture slightly diminishes the potency of the color

The idea is to press out just enough air from the batter so that it runs off your spatula thickly, slowly, but consistently

If you find that the tops of your macarons are cracking in the oven, allow your piped macarons ample time to dry with the next batch

You’ll know they are adequately dried when you dab the tops with your finger and nothing sticks

Forgo the unreliable temperature gauge in your oven and get a trusty oven thermometer instead

Try using a wooden spoon handle to prop open the oven door just a smidge for the first two minutes of baking

. Get ready for a baking adventure, but when you create the perfect, airy-light macaron, it will all be worth it

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