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A successful bread dough is all about the ratio of flour to water. You will get more consistent and reliable results if your measurements are accurate

proof your yeast, all you’re doing is proving that it is alive. That it is eating sugar and emitting bubbles of carbon dioxide

One half the weight of the flour is the amount of water you’ll need. Know that, even if you think the dough seems too sticky, if your ratio is correct,

Don’t Use Flour When Kneading

The purpose of kneading is to develop gluten After kneading for several minutes, tear off a small piece of dough if it stretches a lot before pulling away, that is another good indicator of good gluten formation

A bread dough that rises in a warm place rises more quickly than a bread dough that rises in a cool place but you’ll get better flavor from a longer, slow rise

Have you ever baked a loaf of bread and ended up with a large air pocket right under the crust? Well, slashing your loaf helps prevent this.

To freeze fresh bread, make sure it is completely cooled first. Then, slice and put in freezer bags. Press out all the air that you can and seal.

Prior to slashing, you can brush the dough with egg wash, water, milk or egg white. Now is the time to add some poppy seeds, sesame seeds or whatever topping you would like

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  1. Should you egg wash before second prove Chef , as I find if you egg wash just before putting in the oven, it can knock the air out ??


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