#cupcake hour baking tips

2016-08-24 21.17.53

only the bottom of the pan is greased, allowing the brownies to adhere to the sides as they rise to prevent the center from collapsing

Line the pan with aluminum foil when making several batches of brownies. Extend the edges of the foil a couple of inches over the edge to form a handle for easy remove

For cake-like brownies, use recipes with more eggs. For chewy brownies, use recipes with fewer eggs

For fudgy brownies, use recipes with more butter and chocolate and less flour.

To substitute unsweetened cocoa for unsweetened baking chocolate, use 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa plus 1 tablespoon butter for each ounce of unsweetened baking chocolate

For best results, brownies should be mixed by hand

Overmixing the ingredients can cause brownies to turn out tough or a thin crust may form on top

Mix wet and dry ingredients just long enough to blend them. Do not over-mix after the eggs have been added.

Be creative when topping brownies. Use powdered sugar, chocolate frosting, chocolate curls, nuts or candied fruit

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