#cupcakehour elderberries


Elderberries are in season in the autumn and can be used for all manner of delicious things, from warming puddings to elderberry liqueur


Come autumn, the small purplish-black ripe berries hang prolifically in clusters in the hedgerows and are not grown commercially, so picking them in the wild is the only option.


The easiest way to remove the berries from the stalks is to strip them using the prongs of a fork


The berries are quite rich so I find they’re best mixed with other autumn fruits such as apples, pears and plums


make them into jams and chutneys, which have a wonderful fruity flavour, although the berries are low in pectin so need the addition of jam sugar or lemon juice to ensure a set.


Elderberry syrup, made by cooking the berries with water and sugar, straining, then boiling the liquid until reduced and syrupy


Elderberries can be used to make a liqueur in the same way as sloe gin


some people find that eating raw elderberries makes them feel nauseous


Dried Elderberries can also be added to muffins or pancakes for a berry flavor similar to blueberries but not quite as sweet


they’re very tart, but incredibly rich in antioxidants

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