why we do it

2016-07-17 22.24.19

the hours, the heat, the pressure everyday, 12 plus hours every weekend, holiday and event . we miss birthdays and family get togethers, why !!!!!!!!

we are a different breed some call it passion I call it a thirst a drive been a chef is not a job or career it is who I am the very essence of me, I push myself and those who work with me everyday but why????????????

a thirst of knowledge,  one that can never be filled no matter how long I stay doing it no matter how many dishes I cook it is never perfect … it is a consent drive for something I can never reach . the perfect dish the perfect night the flawless service can never be achieved but it is what drives me

no matter how much you know it is very little, I consume culinary information but I will never know even , a fraction of it an insatiable thirst blood thirst no a food thirst.

we are driven by a need to know more , to be better to share that with our guests everyday

most chefs I know even on their days off are doing something around food, watching food videos, reading new books, foraging wild foods .

why do we do it ….. we have to … we need to… it is who we are … a bred apart…

we are chefs


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