this thing called food


This thing called……food


Race religion colour creed it matters not we all have to stop to eat every day but how we eat is a choice I would much rather dine like a king than drink like a pirate

Chefs are everywhere these day tv magazines books food festivals but we have never eaten worse

Young chefs I use this lightly are in a rush to be the next overnight tv star or want to open their own restaurant but without the years of training the top chefs have behind them or the reality of the hard work ahead they fail or give up

In a world of insta fame and inta gratition everything is disposable

Food has never been faster or more talked about but the knowledge of it so unknown

If it comes through your car window or goes ding in the microwave it is not food it is a food like substance. More people than ever eat out, but few dine out, never trying something different or new as chefs we hear this a lot

I wouldn’t like that

Have you eaten it before?

No but I would not like it

It may be the best thing you have ever eaten or tried great restaurant are just that GREAT and for a good reason years of training to get the best taste flavour texture from every ingredient

Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it life try new things eat different things at least try

Blackberries wild garlic and wild leek are wonderful and free but few could find if they were standing in a field full of it but kafir lime leaves tofu and quinoa they know superfoods super diets

Chefs are too blame as well putting these trendy ingredients on menus following trends instead of setting them morally corrupt ingredients the true costs of few know about or care

Supermarkets recalling produces from their shelves from countries afar

Horse meat in mince bse swine flu bird flu  all from other countries recalled berries from Africa

Strawberries in janaury

we have lost our connection with food with the seasons of food

flavour is all but gone we eat food with little flavour now

food in season is much more it takes us back to our childhood the summer strawberry

the flavour and smell of it

warm tomatoes off the vine with a little salt

we have to return to this for our own sake and the sake of our children

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