James on salmon

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James Mccarthy

So the blog from me today is about salmon .I’ll start off with the life cycle of a salmon it starts at Stage 1 egg Stage 2 alevins Stage 3 fry Stage 4 parr Stage 5 smolt Stage 6 adult grown salmon Stage 7 kelts ( after spawning ). So it takes a salmon around two years or more to fully mature at sea until they return to Irish rivers they travel thousands of miles to make this journey home to spawn. They have to deal with escaping from nets at sea to river pollution and of coarse river fishermen who to be honest do the least damage to the salmon population. I caught my first salmon of the season a few days ago and when I landed the salmon I looked at it and taught about the life it had and the respect it gets in the kitchen from scaling it to taking out every last bone to filleting it and wondering what’s the head chef dish going to be next for this salmon. whats is its final resting plate going to look like.


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