Sea Beet grows in coastal places at tidelines, on shingle beaches, cliffs and sea-walls, and in saltmarshes. It is a close relative of some of our cultivated beets, such as Sugar-beet, Swiss Chard and Beetroot, and can also be cooked and eaten



myself chef noel , Paul and James wandered out Sunday evening to pick some it goes very well with fish of course, it goes all over the coasts of Ireland and is easily spotted


Over the centuries Wild Sea Beet has been cultivated into a multitude of domestic forms, some of which are the very staples of kitchen gardens and cupboards. This very

plant is the common ancestor of no less than

Perpetual Garden Spinach

  • Sugar Beet (from which we farm sugar)
  • The Chards (Swiss, Rainbow, etc.)
  • Beetroot



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